4 Reasons Brides are Choosing Winter Weddings


Winter weddings have become a recently growing trend. Where summer weddings used to be the obvious choice, there’s now a new discussion: fun in the sun or chic and cozy. In recent years, creative wedding planners and brides have worked together to leverage the landscape of our colder months to create the most enchanting occasions. Brides are embracing the winter season as a new wedding season, and these are the top reasons why:


They’re Warming Up to the Decreased Cost

Summer is undoubtedly the most popular season to have a wedding, and with demand comes an increase in prices. The cold automatically works in favor of the bride during the winter, because you’re not competing with the traditional wedding season. This is a slower season for all wedding vendors, so winter brides are often able to negotiate better deals for venues and services. Our tip: Closed mouths don’t get fed, don’t be afraid to ask.


You Won’t Sweat Your Makeup

During the summer, it can be a challenge getting your makeup to stay put, especially at an outdoor venue. Summer months can be unpredictable regarding heat and humidity. During the winter, brides don’t sweat the possibility of running makeup. They simply walk down the aisle and focus on what matters most, the joy of saying their “I do’s.”

It’s Chic and Unique

Seasonal accents can be classy and unique to include in weddings to make them pop and stand out from the rest. Décor with shine and shimmer are perfect for capturing the outdoor elements and creating a magical experience. Trendy rustic pieces can easily incorporate a woodsy feel. Hot cocoa bars have grown in popularity alongside shabby-chic overcoats for brides, or cozy pictures borrowing their groom’s jacket. Every winter more brides are proving the options for winter weddings are endless.


Photo Perks

We all know that natural light is a key contributor to beautiful photos. Take advantage of the great natural light on winter mornings by having an early morning shoot. If there’s snow out, you can consider that an added bonus. Snow naturally brightens photos by reflecting sunlight and illuminating your already natural glow at any angle. And it’s an extra reason to get snuggly in photos with your better half. Lean in close!


Overall, we’d encourage any bride interested to consider a winter wedding. The intimacy and warmth that’s generated in the room is unmatched. And if you’d like help hosting your winter wedding, feel free to schedule a private tour of our grounds with one of our venue coordinators. Happy planning!

As told by Kimberly Miller to Cameron Garvin.

Kimberly Miller is the Executive Sales and Events Manager for Rick’s Café Boatyard. For 8 years, she’s co-created once in a lifetime experiences with her clients through her wedding and event planning. In her free time, Kimberly enjoys sharing moments with her family and singing for crowds. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Ivy Tech.