7 Ways to Make Your Wedding Stand Out

So you’re at a wedding, and you see the most beautiful petal arrangement creating a giant monogram at the altar. You see personalized signage around the venue – from welcome signs to fun love quotes. Small, thoughtful details like these are great ways to get your wedding to standout.

Personalizing can take many different shapes, so our team at Rick’s has narrowed down a handful that we think you and your guests will find especially noteworthy.

1. Play to your venue setting.

If you’re at a barn, use bales of hay instead of chairs. If in nature, try wooded stumps for chairs.


2. Provide fun and useful keepsakes.

During the winter, consider offering your guests blankets with little notes like “to have and to hold when you get cold.” During summer weddings, provide your guests programs that double as small fans.

3. Offer non-traditional dessert options.

Instead of offering the traditional wedding cake, build a donut or candy bar for your guests.


4. Keep a tradition.

Because we’re not a traditional generation, using an old tradition, like the wedding march for example, may make your wedding stand out.

5. Opt out of the wedding arch.

Try using doors or a floating window at the altar instead of an arch. Enhance the stage with a beautiful halo or elegant clothdrops for the background.


6. Incorporate interactive games/elements for your guests to enjoy.

Pick out a special gift and hold a drawing for it during the wedding; hide a plate/symbol underneath a chair in the crowd to signify the winner and ask the guests to look beneath their chairs. You could also have “cake in the face” jars, essentially guests put money in your jars, and whichever jar has the most money gets to cake their partner during the cake cutting. Tell grandma keep that fifty handy!

7. Reuse items/elements throughout your wedding.

Use personalized signage with your names or family crest at the altar, then move it to the reception space, later use it as décor in your home. You can also have your names or crest written/drawn by a calligrapher on menus and programs. Or have hand-drawn maps to your wedding on the invitations.


Whether you’re personalizing with décor, color pops, or fun interactive photobooths, the most important thing to keep in mind is to “keep it you.” Making your wedding standout is achieved best when your personalization mirrors who you are. When your personal touches reflect you individually and as a couple, your guests stand to appreciate it more and you will too.

If you’re interested in brainstorming some ideas, feel free to contact our wedding and events team. We’d love to help! 

As told by Kimberly Miller to Cameron Garvin.

Kimberly Miller is the Executive Sales and Events Manager for Rick’s Café Boatyard. For 8 years, she’s co-created once in a lifetime experiences with her clients through her wedding and event planning. In her free time, Kimberly enjoys sharing moments with her family and singing for crowds. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Ivy Tech.